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At Landmark Mortgage Planners, our Gainesville Mortgage Loan Originators give you a variety of reasons to work with them…

Knowledge & Experience

Our Gainesville mortgage loan experts have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.  The average loan originator at Landmark Mortgage Planners has more than 15 years in the business. Our mortgage planners will help you choose the best home loan for your personal short and long-term investment goals. We will meet with you to evaluate your situation and arrange a plan for you to get a home loan, even if you don't qualify today.

On-Time Approvals & Closings

At Landmark, we process our home loans right here in our Gainesville office, and have the most knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly processors in town. We are also a mortgage banker and can offer internal underwriting. Because we control both the processing and underwriting in-house we have more control over delivering on-time approvals and closings.

A Wide Range of Mortgage Programs

At Landmark Mortgage Planners, we have almost every mortgage loan program available: Conventional, VA, FHA, Renovation Mortgages (where you can do upgrades to the house and purchase it all in one loan), Reverse (purchase your dream retirement home), and USDA, for purchases. For refinances, in addition to conventional, VA and FHA loans, we have FHA/VA Streamline and Reverse Mortgages. Browse our website to learn about the home loan programs that are available and then get in touch with one of our Gainesville mortgage loan specialists to help you find the program that is right for you.

Ability to Broker Special Circumstance Loans

We provide the best of both worlds: We also have the ability to broker loans supplying not just one but many resources for financing and underwriting. Bank originators are limited to their underwriter and the programs available at their bank, whereas we have the flexibility to go find the mortgage loan and underwriting guidelines to fit your unique situation.

Great Rates

Our mortgage loan rates are extremely competitive, and we will do our best to beat any written pre-approval from another lender.

Gainesville Mortgage Loans


We are frequently available to our realtor partners and clients past office hours and even on the weekends. That means you won't miss out on a great house because you can't get an updated pre-approval. We also value communication, and will always do our best to call you back the same business day.

Creative Solutions

Working together as a team, the staff at Landmark helps each other find solutions to our toughest cases.

We Have a Wide Range of Mortgage Loan Programs Available

At Landmark Mortgage Planners, we have just about every mortgage loan program available. Our mortgage planners will evaluate the various loan products that complement your current circumstances as well as your overall financial plan. Our job as mortgage planner is more than the typical “loan officer”. Here at Landmark Mortgage Planners, we help you select the BEST mortgage loan and integrate it into your overall long and short-term investment strategies. Below are some of the programs we have available. If you are looking for something that you don't see, please contact us - we may still be able to help.

Purchase Mortgage Loans

Landmark Mortgage Planners has nearly every kind of loan available. Let us help you select the one that works best with your overall financial goals.

Conventional mortgage loans are best suited for people with good credit, a sizable down payment, and stable income. If your credit score is below 700 you might be better suited to a different loan program. Down payment options can be as low as 3% of the purchase price, so you don't need a huge sum of money to consider a conventional mortgage. Learn more.

FHA Mortgages are more forgiving on debt ratio and credit, and it allows for only 3.5% down payment. Therefore if you have experienced some credit challenges in the last few years, or cannot count all of your income, FHA may be the best option for you. Learn more.

If you are a veteran, the VA Mortgage Loan is almost always the best option. Available with ZERO down payment and somewhat flexible with both credit and income, the VA loan often gives us leeway to get veteran buyers approved. Because VA loans are not just insured but are guaranteed, there is no monthly mortgage insurance requirement often producing the lowest monthly payment. Learn more.

USDA Mortgage Loans are available with NO MONEY DOWN. The underwriting for these loans is fairly strict regarding credit and income, and purchases are restricted to homes in specified areas. However, with the seller paying buyer closing costs it is possible to purchase a home using a USDA mortgage, with less money than it takes to rent an apartment. Learn more.

The HECM Purchase Mortgage is a great retirement planning tool that allows seniors, over age 62, to purchase a new primary residence using a reverse mortgage, reducing the funds needed to close and resulting in no monthly payment. Depending upon your age, you would need approximately 50-60% of the purchase price using a HECM Purchase Mortgage. Learn more.

Regular conventional mortgage loans in Gainesville FL, are limited to $510,400. If you need a loan larger than the loan limit, you may want to explore a jumbo mortgage loan. Learn more.

Did you find the perfect house in the perfect location, but it is seriously outdated or needs a major improvement like a roof or a new AC? A renovation mortgage might be perfect for you. It allows you to finance both the purchase and the home improvement in one loan with one low down payment. Learn more.

We have one-time-close construction loans that are extremely price competitive. Because our loans have one closing at the beginning of your project, there is no risk of your credit or income changing during the construction process, causing you to be rejected for the final loan after construction is complete. Learn more.

Mortgage Loans for Refinance

In addition to all of the purchase mortgage loans that are available for refinance, we have the following loans designed specifically for refinance...

FHA Streamline Refinance is specifically for those with existing FHA mortgage loans. The great advantage is that no appraisal is required, so even if your home has not appreciated since you purchased, you can still refinance and get a lower interest rate. In addition, there are limited credit and income requirements with this program. If you have an FHA mortgage and are considering refinance, this is probably a great place to start. Learn more.

Like the FHA Streamline Mortgage, the VA Streamline Mortgage is designed for those who already have a VA mortgage. It provides for a lower rate without a lot of the documentation required by another type of refinance. Learn more.

Designed for people 62 years of age and older, this loan can be used to obtain cash, do home improvements, pay off medical expenses or other debt, or pay off an existing mortgage. The big advantage of the reverse mortgage is that there is no monthly mortgage payment. There are a lot of misconceptions with reverse mortgages, so make sure you have the facts before you determine if it is for you. Learn more now.

The easiest way to find the BEST mortgage loan for YOU is to talk to one of our experienced Mortgage Planners.

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