Low or No Down Payment Mortgages

There are several options for a Low Down Payment or No Down Payment Mortgage in Gainesville, here at Landmark Mortgage Planners. We are a local lender and we are experts on Low Down Payment Mortgages. All of our mortgage planners as well as our processing staff are very knowledgeable and experienced in all of these options.

No Down Payment MortgagesNo Down Payment Mortgage

USDA Mortgage Loans.  Also called the Rural Development Loan or Section 502 Loan, this mortgage allows for $0 down payment. Since the seller is allowed to pay closing costs this means borrowers are often able to purchase a home with a USDA loan with less out-of-pocket expense than renting.  Meant primarily for lower income families, there are some restrictions on income as well as the location and type of home that can be purchased. You can learn more about USDA No Down Payment Mortgages, the restrictions, advantages and rates –  click here.

VA Loans. The VA loan is a no down payment mortgage option for Veterans of the US Armed Forces.  You have to be honorably discharged from service, or currently on active duty to qualify. Also, you cannot have already used your VA benefit to purchase another home that you still owe on a VA mortgage.  If you are a veteran and have not used your eligibility, a VA loan is absolutely the best option for a no down payment mortgage. There is no restriction on where the home is located like with USDA, the underwriting is fairly lenient, and the rates are very good. You can learn more about VA loans, the requirements, advantages and rates – click here.


Low Down Payment Mortgages

Low Down Payment MortgagesFHA Loans.  FHA is one of the most popular resources for low down payment mortgages. This is because they are quite lenient, no restriction on home location, and anyone can qualify with proper credit and income. There are no income maximums or location limitations as with USDA. Many people think FHA is a first time home buyer program, but that is incorrect. The home being purchased must be for your primary residence – no second homes or investment properties are allowed, but you can currently or previously have owned a home. There is a limit on the maximum amount that you can finance in each county. To learn all about the FHA loan, its requirements and limitations, click here.

HomePath Mortgage – HomePath is a low down payment mortgage offered on Fannie Mae owned houses as an incentive to help sell the home quickly. HomePath mortgages are only allowed on HomePath houses, designated by a sticker in the front window. This program allows for as little as 3% down, and unlike FHA is not limited to primary residences. However, Fannie Mae does give preference to owner occupants early in the bidding process. Learn more about HomePath’s Low Down Payment Mortgage – click here.

Low Down Payment Mortgages that Include Financing for Renovation

FHA 203K Loan. There are many foreclosed properties on the Gainesville market today that are in less than move in condition. The FHA 203K loan is a low down payment mortgage that allows up to $35,000 in renovation costs to be rolled into the loan. Requirements are similar to the FHA low down payment mortgage, and there are restrictions on the types of improvements that can be made. To learn more about the FHA 203K program , the requirements and rates – click here.

0 down mortgageHomePath Renovation Mortgage. Is available only on Fannie Mae owned properties where the HomePath Renovation Mortgage sticker is displayed. You can finance 35% of the total acquisition amount to a maximum of $35,000 for renovations. These loans require a minumum of 3% down and are available on owner occupied, second homes and investment properties. For more information about the HomePath Renovation Low Money Down Mortgage, click here.

We hope this help you discover a  low down payment mortgage program that is right for you. It is always best to meet with a Landmark Mortgage Planner to discuss your options since each applicant’s personal situation is different and each program has intricacies that may cause it to be less desirable in your circumstance. You can start this process by applying for a pre-approval online or scheduling an appointment with one of our planners below.